Illusions of reality, Friday nights


Friday nights at the Van Gogh Museum are also focused on Illusions of reality. With music, workshops, and performances, every month zooms in on a different part of naturalism; October puts the spotlight on photography and film; November centres around visual manipulation, while the dark winter nights of December and January focus on the boundaries of the art movement.

Hop-on tours

The Van Gogh Museum hosts free tours of the Illusions of reality exhibition. Limited capacity. Register at the information desk in the central lobby.
18:30 h (NL) and 19:30 h (EN)

DJ x-0-x
With extensive experience as club DJ, radio producer, musician and performer, x-0-x (Arjan van Sorge) creates perfect vibes and instant soundtracks for special occasions.
18:30 h

FILM: The Interfaculty ArtScience (Royal Academy of Art – KABK – and Royal Conservatoire – Kc) gives a demonstration of experimental film, live cinema, and more.
Followed by interviews with the students.
20:30 h

Van Gogh Museum
3 December 2010
From 18:30 h